Newsletter 2019
Welcome to 2019 marking the 38th year of CED servicing the adult broadcast distribution markets worldwide. New platforms such as aggressive OTT systems, and platforms have embraced the enormous amount of CED delivered content and the support of over 80 domestic and international producers and studios running through CED.

CED released the first ever Blue-Ray version of the famous classic DEEP THROAT to the US retail DVD market this year (yes Steve, there is still a vibrant US DVD retail market...for the right titles).

The Too Much For TV soft-adult On Demand PPV channel is now programmed exclusively by CED. The EPG soft adult VOD system in Korea is exclusively booked by CED. We continue to book Latin Channel with the best XXX titles in the world. All lodging US systems enjoy CED product monthly. Showtime has licensed a bunch of Wicked soft romance titles recently from CED and more to follow for other studios soon.

CED sincerely appreciates decades of support from producers and programmer from around the world and we are just getting started.

Stay tuned and stay well.