Newsletter 2018
This year is the 35th year of operation for Cable Entertainment Distribution, Inc. (CED) and growing strong each year. We are extremely appreciative of all the creative studios and producers that continue to produce innovative, exciting, relevant and compelling content for our programming channels worldwide.

CED has been very fortunate (through constant and hard work) to enjoy monthly contractual program supply arrangement with almost all of the broadcast channels, systems, networks and platforms showcasing adult programming, both XXX content and soft erotic titles consisting of over 300 new releases in some months.

We have generated over 150 million dollars for our studios and producers and many times that amount for our programmers worldwide.

From DEEP THROAT to the newest releases, CED continues to deliver the newest and classic titles to newly launched systems as well as servicing established adult broadcast channels around the world.

This year CED was honored by the AVN into the Hall Of Fame and we are very proud and appreciative of this recognition for being essential in establishing the adult broadcast markets here in the US and abroad.

We will continue to service our honored production clients as well as our respected and appreciated broadcast partners around the globe for many years to come and give heartfelt thanks for their support and continued business.

The honor, trust, ethics and honesty has always been our guidelines and we continue to support this great industry...get ready, VR (Virtual Reality) formats will be the next wave and CED is already paddling hard to catch the swell.

Best regards and healthy wishes from our Santa Monica offices...stay well friends.