CED Newsletter 2015

This is the 30th year CED has been fortunate as the leading adult broadcast program supplier in the world. Millions of dollars have been generated by CED efforts to programmers and producers worldwide…none of which is possible without the support from our honored content suppliers, rights holders and producers and certainly from our respected and appreciated channel operators in the US and abroad.

New systems in Latin America, Asia and Europe have recently opened to the CED service and with the widest variety of desirable uncut and edited content CED will again help support the leading broadcaster in these regions.

The CED staff is by far the most established and well respected service team in the industry and that is CED’s main reason to our phenomenal growth with constant innovative content delivery methods over the past three decades and will continue to dominate with current and newly emerging technologies of program delivery to consumers for the next 20-year…with everyone’s help.

Thanks for all the support and stay well and stay tuned.